Grooming – As of August 1, 2022, all haircuts are currently suspended.  We are still offering grooming without cuts.

We offer the following services:

  • Premium Shampoo and conditioner
  • Bath time massage
  • Fluff dry and brush out
  • Nail trim (grinding available)
  • Nail Painting with I love Pet Head Doggie Polish (Fuchsia, Red, Electric Blue)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Grooming

After a long day running through the yard, chasing the ball, and protecting the house from the big-bad-UPS man, your furry family members could use a little TLC! We are ready to pamper your pup with personalized dog grooming services.

Whether your pet needs a quick shampoo and nail clip, or a full-service visit, Rivers Edge Pet Resort has an array of grooming services for all dogs, no matter the size, no matter the style. Need a Paw-ti-cure? Simple nail trim or pretty color—we’ve got that too!

Focus on Safety

We require proof of vaccinations for all our pets. Dogs must be current on Rabies, DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus) and Bordetella. Dogs are also required to have a negative fecal. Please disclose any specific medical needs, medications or temperament concerns with our staff upon booking a grooming appointment so that we can provide the best care for your pet.

Drop & Shop Bathing Service

No time to bathe your dog? Do you have more errands to run than time to accomplish them? Family coming to your house for the holidays? We’ve got you covered! We can have most dogs shampooed, brushed out, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and completely dried in about 3 hours.


Prices start at $30 and are based on the weight of your dog.

The Basic Dog

Everything you need to get your best friend clean and smelling great! Premium Shampoo (Hypo Allergenic, Rainforest, Lavender and Chamomile, Cherry). Ear cleaner, Eye Wash, Fresh Towels or Blow-dryer.

The Itchy Dog

Designed to help relieve seasonal allergies, contact dermatitis, and flaky-dry skin. Premium shampoo (Hypo Allergenic), Premium Conditioner, Ear cleaner, Eye Wash, Fresh Towels or Blow-dryer.

The Medicated Dog

Designed to help relieve hotspots and bug bites, and dry/damaged skin. Premium shampoo (Tea Tree and Aloe, Itch Relief). Ear cleaner, Eye Wash, Fresh Towels or Blow-dryer.

The Stinky Dog

Designed for…you guessed it–The smelliest of dogs! Premium shampoo (Extreme Odor Eliminator, Energy Plus Dirty Dog). Ear cleaner, Eye Wash, Fresh Towels or Blow-dryer.

The Shedding Dog

Does your dog leave fluffy tufts of love all over your house, furniture and clothing? We’ve got you covered! First, we strip the excess undercoat from the dog, then we use Simple Shed Shampoo, followed by Premium Conditioner & would a spa day be anything without a Blue-Berry Doggie Facial?? Think about where your dog’s face is throughout the day, ? We freshen them up with an all natural Aromatherapeutic Facial wash. We use a force dryer (not a heated dryer) to blow existing loose undercoat off your dog. Ear cleaner, Eye Wash, Fresh Towels or Blow-dryer.

The Pampered Dog

For the most spoiled of dogs. We start with a Mudd Bath to condition the skin. Then we use a premium shampoo (Lavender and Chamomile, Extreme Odor, Citrusil, Energy Plus, Hypo-Allergenic, Rainforest, Blueberry, Oatmeal and Aloe), followed by a premium moisturizer conditioner. Then we move to a Blueberry Facial (think about where your dog’s face is throughout the day, and where you like to give smooches). We will trim their nails, and then it’s time for heated towels to dry off. What spa treatment would be complete without a tasty treat to follow their pampering! (Grain Free Pumpkin snack.) Please let us know if your pet has any allergies.

Does my dog need a nail trim?

It’s not just for looks, or to protect your floors – long, unkempt nails can do serious damage to your dog. When nails grow so long that they constantly touch the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed, creating pain for the dog and pressure on the toe joint. Over time, this can realign the joints of the foreleg and make the foot looked flattened and splayed.

Most people hate cutting their dog’s nails– in fact, most refuse to do so. That leaves the usual options of a pricey veterinary or full grooming appointment, when your dog may only need a nail trim.

Easy Peasy Nail Trimming (Paw-ti-cure)

At Rivers Edge Pet Resort, we decided to make it easy – offering an easy, quick appointment for just $15.00

Need a Paw-ticure? Add on Nail Painting with I love Pet Head Doggie Polish in Fuchsia, Red, or Electric Blue.

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